Religious Education


Religious Education at St Therese expresses an authentic understanding of Christ and his teaching, seeking to bring into harmony, faith, culture and life. We view all learners as capable and assists students to develop their knowledge, skills and understanding in all learning areas.




Our Religious Education program is centred around the new education framework for all Catholic schools in the Archdiocese of Melbourne - Horizons of Hope.



A vision for Religious Education


A creative framework of dialogue, understanding and action needs to be constructed, leading students in a process of deep learning, evaluation and response to the mysteries of life, enlivened by the Holy Spirit.

The goal of this process is a deepened relationship with God, right relationships with others, a greater love of the Church, and empowerment to work to create a just world. It is a dance, as it were, an active interplay between life, culture and religion within the environment of a classroom.

Here students are invited to be engaged in the exploration and celebration of the Catholic story in all its richness and diversity through reflection, prayer and action for the good of others and their world. (Horizons of Hope 2018)




Prayer and Liturgies


All classes begin or end their school day with prayer. These sessions provide an authentic opportunity for students to praise and thank God for their families and friends and encourage students to verbalise what they are thankful for.

Throughout the year, classes rotate through attending weekly Wednesday Masses at St Therese Church and as a whole school community we often gather for liturgical celebrations such as Masses and non-Eucharistic Liturgies. Whole school liturgical celebrations include Ash Wednesday, Holy Week, as well as, our Beginning and End of Year Celebrations. Families are invited and always welcome to attend our liturgical celebrations.







St Therese School works with families and the St Therese Church community in the Parish of Nazareth, Grovedale to assist students through their journey of faith. Sacraments are the festive, ritual actions in which Christians assemble to celebrate their lived experience.


We prepare students for the Sacraments of Reconciliation at Grade 3, Eucharist at Grade 4 and Confirmation at Grade 6. Our Sacraments call us to action and to live a life inspired by the life of Jesus Christ.