On the excursion they learnt a little more about the customs, rituals and festivals of the Jewish Faith. This ties in with what They have been covering in their Religious Education sessions where they have been finding out about life in the times of Jesus who grew up practising the Jewish Faith.
Here are some reflections of the 3/4 students.
> "I learnt that during the Passover, the Jews put blood over their doors so their first born child wouldn’t die" - Nash
> "When the Jewish people were escaping from Egypt they had to make flat bread because they had no time for the bread to rise" - Sunni
> "All of God’s stories were written in scrolls and the writing in Hebrew goes from right to left" - Mia
> " The Jewish people pray in the synagogue and it is a bit different to a church. They have the Star of David as a symbol and we have a cross" - Molly
> “In the synagogue, the women sit in a different section to the men when they gather" - Neve
> “God sent 10 plagues through Egypt before the Pharaoh let the Jews go free with Moses" - Xavier G
> “The Jews have a necklace they call the God’s Eye which they wear for special occasions like births, marriages and funerals. They believe that God is watching over them" - Billy