Each school worked in their group of 5 to create a section of the play space which then connected with two other schools to make one one large area.
Each school group was given or could choose a profile of a user who may be utilising the play space and what their needs might be. The St Therese students chose 'Arjun' - a 10 year old boy in a wheel chair who usually watches his friends play on playgrounds but cannot join in. This really hit home for our students as they quickly became aware of how unfair it was for disabled children, like Hamish from our school, who most of the time cannot play on play spaces and in particular cannot play on our own playground at school.
So the challenge had been set! How were the students going to make their part of the overall play space user friendly for those in wheelchairs?
Our students decided to create an area with a maze which then led up a ramp to a tunnel and then down a ramp to a sensory wall. The maze and tunnel would be wide enough for wheelchairs, while the ramps would not be too steep so people could roll themselves up and down them easily enough.
Our team of 5 broke into smaller groups with Emma and Georgia creating the space virtually using the CoSpaces Edu app. Bohdi and Ryan created the space using actual resources and Toby created a wheelchair of sorts using an M-Bot and a model of a wheelchair using a 3D pen.
At the end of the day the students had to present their design in individual groups in an interview situation which was recorded to create a video and afterwards as a whole team with the two other schools in front of the entire group of students and teachers.
Our students should be very proud of themselves, as they did an amazing job with their design and spoke with confidence when presenting. They most certainly did St Therese proud.
All designs were collected from the day and will be collated and taken into consideration for the actual designing of the future play space at Scienceworks. We hope that in the not to distant future we see an element of our student's design in what is sure to be wonderful area.